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Students getting swindled and used as a political pawn by the established Political Parties

It all started when a young girl named Gurmehar Kaur(center in the above picture) who is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree from Lady Shri Ram Collge for Women in south Delhi affiliated to Delhi University; started a protest against Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad's violence at Ramjas College and changed her profile picture in social media which stated "I am a student from Delhi University. I am not araid of ABVP. I am not alone. Every student of India is with me. #STUDENTAGAINSTABVP". Soon after sharing the picture it went viral and received thousand of reactions, like and comments and spread widely among the students from other parts of the country who were seen changing the profiles with their respective universities in her support.
On Feb 22, 2017 a scuffle broke out between two groups of so called students association Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), All India Students' Association (AISA) and Student's Federation of India (SFI) at Ramja…

Neglected States of India : North-East Region

Seven Sisters State is what the North-East states of India is termed as. The region comprises of Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland and Sikkim. Entire region is bestowed with goodness of nature.

World's largest tea plantation - AssamWettest place in the world - Mawsynram, MeghalayaLiving root bridge - Cheerapunji, MeghalayaCleanest village in Asia - Mawlynnong, MeghalayaEntire North-East region is classified in Global 200 ecoregionKaziranga National Park, a world heritage siteHighest literary rate in India
Having said all gracious qualities about the region why the region is not popular and underdeveloped?
Demographics North-East region is widespread in total Area of 2,62,230 KM2 which is 8% of landmass in India and shares 4500 kM of international border. Total population in this region is 45,587,982 (4.5 crores approx) with population density of 170/km2. However most of border area is unprotected resulting illegal migrants from neighbouring countries. There is a…

Political instability in India: People VS Power

India - a country, referred as one among the peaceful country in the world is going through real challenge and political instability for the past few months in many states. With series of unfortunate events and hunger to get the Supreme Power, the politicians at top and responsible positions are taking undue advantage and play with people's sentiments.

It's always believed that government is formed by the people, supporting their desired candidates for the next five years but these days the joy just remains for few months after that there are series of news which disturbs the common man and adds to his frustrations to discover himself and think why did I chose these people to form the government when politicians are power hungry and disrespect the mass who supported them.

In the past we have seen that many political leaders and their party have brought the state to a standstill. All this for what, Just to get satisfied with their ego ? What about the people who stood in queue…

AIADMK: Are you playing Musical Chair in CM office ?

On Feb 5 2017, AIADMK legislators elected their party General Secretary V.K.Sasikala (self proclaimed "Chinnamma") as leader of their legislature party paving the way for her to become Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister.

After the death of their long time party and people's favorite leader and Tamil Nadu's late Chief Minister J.Jayalilitha profoundly called as AMMA by the people as truly she was like a mother to millions of Tamil people, the party leaders elevated Sasikala as General Secretary who had never held any party position till then. Reason behind this decision is only best known to them however it's often heard in media saying she had internalized all the traits of Amma.

The latest party decision to further elevate Sasikala as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu comes as a surprise to many as it is believed that current Chief Minister O.PaneeerSelvalvam was handling his office fairly well with Jallikattu success to his major credits and there was no need to repla…

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election - 2017 Overview

With UP elections making a buzz this year, I have decided to follow it closely.

This election would be worth watch watching, as already there has been enough sensational news around the corner.

In this post I'm trying to give a Overview of the complete process where there will clash among the titans (you are smart enough to understand who I mean ☺☺☺)

The 17th Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election will be held from February 11 to March 8, 2017 in 7 phases.

List of Parties fielding their candidates:

Distribution of Total Votes:


Dates of 7 Phase election is listed below. As announced by Election Commission of India, the term of the present government will end on 27 May 2017.