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Make a phone call and get your bribe back !!!

If you had paid a bribe for availing of any government service in Andhra Pradesh in the recent days, just dial 1100 and report the matter.
Chances are that the corrupt government servant who fleeced you may possibly come knocking on your door to return the amount.
Andhra Pradesh government launched an integrated grievance redressal channel as part of its realtime governance initiative to build a “happy, healthy and sustainable society”.
The channel is called ‘People First’. Under the initiative, citizens can dial 1100 to register complaints about government services and schemes, which will be escalated to the department concerned in realtime for redressal.
Complaints posted on social media platforms and news reports in the mainstream media will also be integrated with People First.
“Our focus in people-centric governance and elimination of corruption. Our goal is a happy, healthy and sustainable society. Corruption causes dissatisfaction among people. We have to root it out,” Chief M…