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Corruption, Scandals and Scams lists since 1947 (After Independence): Part I (1947 - 1999)

Corruption is an issue which is constantly holding our country's development back. Transperency International which is a organization recognised internationally ranks coutries based on corruption in the country. In the year 2016, India was ranked 79th out of 168 countries. Although from 2014, the courntry has improved in ranking index from 36 - 40, still we need to go a long way and make it towards 90-100. Current index of 40 terms India as mostly corrupt country.
Constantly over a period of time we have witnessed cases of corruption by our politicians amounting to crores of rupees which should have been put into development of coutry and upliftment of poor and underpriviledged. Instead most of the money went towards the development of politicians, their family and political parties. Some got converted to foreign currencies and are lying with foreign banks. Swiss banks being the ideal choices for most of the politicians.
Since the list is so big, I'm breaking it into 3 parts.…