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Are we a Democracy??

In our childhood days, when we were told about India’s ‘unity in diversity’ I’m sure we would never have understood the full extent of the meaning of the phrase but now, thanks to omnipotent ‘nepotism’ in Indian politics, our education system might incorporate yet another example of teaching our children about India’s ‘unity in diversity’. From Abdullhas in Kashmir to Karunanidhis in Tamil Nadu our politicians are one in perpetrating ‘nepotism’ and it’s not an exaggeration if we claim this gene of nepotism runs in every Indian’s blood, across the length and breadth of the country!

Like many of the ill-wills afflicting this nation, the disease called nepotism too was effectively introduced in Indian politics by the Congress party in its obsession with the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Apart from the three family trees so far mentioned in this article the dynasties spread across all "isms" and all regions of our political spectrum. From the Thackerays, the Pawars and the Deoras of Mahara…