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Will Rahul Gandhi become a minister?

I must confess that I'd actually be quite pleased if he becomes Prime Minister. It would show that he's willing to work his way up, rather than simply stepping into the top job without any prior administrative experience. His father Mr. Rajiv Gandhi did, but those were exceptional circumstances and hopefully will never be repeated.If Rahul were to become a minister, which ministry would he take? Going by his track-record, it wouldn't be a very high-profile one like finance or home. Instead, he'd probably choose something that is relatively low-key, but capable of making a huge difference to people's lives -- maybe human resource development or rural development.But first, Rahul must be willing to become a minister. And I don't think he will. Because he's an earnest person who doesn't do anything half-heartedly. If he were to accept a ministry, he'd do his homework and work hard to make his stint there a success. And that would divert precious time a…

Congress makes a clean sweep in the Election.

India's ruling Congress-led coalition was re-elected today for a second term with a stronger mandate, as voters nationwide gave an unexpectedly clear endorsement of prime minister Manmohan Singh's left-of-centre administration, setting the stage for an era of greater political stability.
The Congress party delivered its best performance for decades, and while it will still need the support of regional parties outside its United Progressive Alliance (UPA), it was expected to form a considerably more powerful government that it did in 2004, and one more able to push through an ambitious reforming programme.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi stood with Singh outside her home in central Delhi to thank the electorate. "Eventually, the people of India know what is good for them," she said. "They always make the right choice."

Singh added: "I express my deep sense of gratitude to the people for the massive mandate they have given."

With many Congress supporters c…

Campaigns make no difference for Voters.

The final date of Elections is completed and there is no more chance for the voters to vote for the General Election - 2009.

ElectionCommission has announced officially, the overall turnout for this election which is just 57%. To be prescribed its just 56.7%.
Despite the high campaigns, our country witnessed a very low turnout.
With campaigns like Jaago Re - One Billion Votes; running down for more than 8 months, Lead India from Times Group, Shut Up and Vote; which are  constantly spreading the awarenes for the right to vote. 
Online promoters like , are engaging lots of Tech Savies.
Very recently Karan Johar Production and Bollywood Stars like Imran Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Farhan Akthar, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Karena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra etc....... joined hands together and made a short commercial for attracting the people to vote. This video was telecasted every now and then to promote Elections and urge the people to turnout i…

Astrological results of Election - 2009

Recently I received an article in mail from one of my friend; published by The Times OF India. Article source can be validated by this link.

Im posting my views relevant to this article below. ( Its a personal opinion and does not intend to change or hurt anybody's view )

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     A rare change of position by Jupiter, which stargazers say happens once in 30 years, is likely to have a mixed effect on India. Astrologers predict good times for Indian economy, but also warn against political turbulence in the days ahead.If they are to be believed, the new government formed after May 16 will not last for more than 18 months, with strong indications of another election in late 2010 or early 2011. 

    “No party will be able to form a government. I see a third front forming a government with either Congress or BJP sup…

Last chance to elect a responsible government.

Elections are closing in and so are the campaigns. May 13th is the last date for the Election 2009. Politicians are running here and there to confirm the last possible vote. The blazing summers are not stopping any of the politicians from stopping their rallies. They are all the more charged and ready to take on their opponents. With a never seen before response from the voters, the politicians are all the more worried as to will they be able to cast an impact?

But asking the right question, at the right time, to the right person, can make our vote count. But what do we need to ask? We need to ask ourselves that what is it that we need? What is it that will affect us all? What is it that we can do?

Another set of questions we must ask ourselves is:

Do we want to get fooled by false campaigns about our country's development?
Do we want communal violence in our nation?
Do we want propagandists taking over our mind and manipulating it the way they want?
Do we want moral policing?
Do we want…

Show Voting Mark on Finger and get Discounts...!!!

Avail a bunch of offers and discount for your vote, show the inked finger that shows you voted and a whole range of freebies and discounts could be yours at many of the capital’s stores, eateries, bars and even amusement parks. 
Many retailers are offering a flood of discounts to encourage the potential voter to vote. 
Louis Philippe is giving 20% off on all purchases as part of its “Luxury to Vote” drive. 
Bausch and Lomb is offering 5,000 students who’ve voted in Delhi and Chennai pairs of daily disposable contact lenses free.Bikanervala restaurants are knocking 15% off from the bill. 
One of the hip nightclub 'Elevate' promises free entry and a buy-one-get-one-free on drinks. 
A toy shop that has a 10% discount as a part of  “Vote for Democracy Discount’’.
Some HDFC branch will be giving away gifts including travel bags and cheque-book covers to account holders who’ve voted. 
Cafe Turtle is offering a complimentary coffee, a chocolate chip cookie and 10% off on books.
 Many stores …

Election campaigns never affected by Recession

It’s a secret so open that even our ever-sparring politicians rarely raise it. But had the rupee been able to achieve as much as it does during the run-up to the elections, India would, by now, have bid goodbye to the recession. 
    Take a look at how much candidates from major parties seem to be achieving from the paltry sum of Rs 25 lakh. Almost all legal advertising space in the city has been taken over by our politicians’ benign smiles and tall promises, the lunches and dinners for party workers are in full flow, there are a flurry of inserts in the media and there is at least one car in each of the 10 assembly constituencies in each Lok Sabha segment which is over and above the official campaign entourage. There are also the bulk SMSes which are bein sent and the websites being launched. The expenditure of the surreptitious kinds — read money and alcohol to be distributed in various parts — have not even started. 
    There is a resigned acceptance even among election officials th…

Truth which contradicts itself about PM

When the Congress’ top three leaders make the BJP leader L.K. Advani’s finding on their Prime Minister the centre of their verbal duel with their main opposition party it is more likely to be a case of their guilt gnawing at their conscience.
If their present Prime Minster, who is also their declared personage to lead the government in case the party is back in power after these elections, is strong enough for the post, the simple question is why is the Congress not fielding him in any of the constituencies across the country for the Lok Sabha?
After all, both Indira Gandhi and P.V. Narasimha Rao were not members of the Lok Sabha when they first became Prime Minster but soon after they went through this test by fire they got elected to the Lok Sabha. In Narasimha Rao’s case the challenge was even more, he had moved out of active politics by 1991 when the general elections took place, when he was not even a candidate. Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination pitch-forked him into the leadership role…