Show Voting Mark on Finger and get Discounts...!!!

Avail a bunch of offers and discount for your vote, show the inked finger that shows you voted and a whole range of freebies and discounts could be yours at many of the capital’s stores, eateries, bars and even amusement parks. 

Many retailers are offering a flood of discounts to encourage the potential voter to vote. 

  • Louis Philippe is giving 20% off on all purchases as part of its “Luxury to Vote” drive. 
  • Bausch and Lomb is offering 5,000 students who’ve voted in Delhi and Chennai pairs of daily disposable contact lenses free.
  • Bikanervala restaurants are knocking 15% off from the bill. 
  • One of the hip nightclub 'Elevate' promises free entry and a buy-one-get-one-free on drinks. 
  • A toy shop that has a 10% discount as a part of  “Vote for Democracy Discount’’.
  • Some HDFC branch will be giving away gifts including travel bags and cheque-book covers to account holders who’ve voted. 
  • Cafe Turtle is offering a complimentary coffee, a chocolate chip cookie and 10% off on books.
  •  Many stores are offering discounts ranging from 5% to 30%

Showing your finger was never more fun many children will force parents to go to polling centres inorder to get themselves a brand new toys to enjoy the current vacations. I really think this is a rubbish idea to give a freebies and discount for the voters. Its as if like a kind of bribe being offered indirectly to benefit the shops for increasing their sales. Thamks to the Marketing Honchos for discovering such innnovative ideas to attract customers during this recession, as many are losing the business with low customers walkins. One thing which worries is that; how far the incentives will translate into votes?? 

This is, of course, another story. There are some people who will be excited but I don’t think it’ll make a great difference to the voter turnout. However, the idea itself generates a lot of talk value. Its impact can be measured in such terms rather than actual results.

Also how can this business minded people think of  rewarding the customers with such offers???
It seeems as if the voters take a lot a pain and trouible to vote. 
Why don't they understand that it is a right of every Indian Citizen???
Why these people want to increase business by converting the right to favours by such offers???



  1. This is awesome. I saw on television a beauty parlor giving free massages to women who went out to vote.

    Excellent idea.. going out to vote is the only way people can have the much needed and desired change, ans such tactics should be welcomed and praised.

  2. May be some feel good, but i think that we should not get carried carried away by these stuffs and do our duty without expecting anything.

  3. thank you for your visit on my blog.
    i didn't get the whole post, neither did understand the vote system in Indian. but i could see your blog's all into this politics thing, and it seems you're really smart to talk about it. go on!

  4. Wow...that's quite interesting and an effective marketing tool in a bad economy.


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