What is the Right to Disconnect?

The Right to Disconnect Bill, is trying to give employees the right to not respond to employers’ calls, texts or emails after office hours.

The idea is to help reduce work-related stress and strive for a better work-life balance. After being in the workplace for eight hours or more, it might be very stressful for a person to respond to office-related calls after work.

But not everyone has the liberty to ignore a boss’ call because we are home and need to focus on family, right? This Bill will give you the right to ignore your boss (after work!). To help employees enjoy a better work-life balance and reduce stress, NCP MP Supriya Sule had recently introduced the Right to Disconnect Bill 2018, in the Lok Sabha.

This Bill if passed in Lok Sabha, gives employees the right to not respond to calls or any kind of communications from the employers after office hours. The Bill which was introduced on December 28, requires the setting up of an Employee Welfare Authority, which will publish rep…

Deep State within India...

Let me explain Deep State of which I am more than convinced and so are many others I know of. It is not fitment of my imagination. I am not paranoid and neither am I dreaming of it in my sleep... The Deep State exists and we must know it. "Deep State" for sure will not advertise in newspapers or on tv channels. You have to discern it.

Let me explain.  I talked of Judges+  Bureacrats+  Media owners+  Europe/ US/ Pak/ China being part of the deep state.
Let me start with the judges. What do you think was the purpose of SC judges press conf ( org by a journalist) and then CJI  impeachment noises by left and Cong?
Why? To desist them from taking up Babri Masjid land case. Sibbal as much had earlier requested the bench to postpone it until next yr elections. And then Raffael judgment pronounced only after the state assy elections were too much of a coincidence. Was it a coincidence that judgment on Sajjan Kumar delivered only after the election results. Or was it?
Why was it not…

Benefits of Demonetization

8th November 2016 was the day last year when the entire country was seeing a very bold step by any of the Prime Minister till date. Yes you guessed it right!!! We are seeing the 1st anniversary of iconic decision called Demonetization.
A year has gone by since the decision on demonetization was made. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on November 8 2016 in an address to the nation that the Rs 500 and 1,000 notes would no longer be legal tender.

Let’s look at some of the benefits. The Prime Minister's Office has provided some data to show the benefits of this decision which is probably one of the biggest since independence.
1. Highest ever black money unearthed

India unearthed its highest ever black money which values of lakhs of crores. Above picture represents various areas from where the black money was brought back into the main stream economy
2. Unprecedented increase in tax compliance

The number of new tax payers shot up 66.53 lakh in the last year to 84.21 lakh after demonetiz…

When everyone is aking What is Acche Din ? Where is Acche Din ?

When 5 crore rural women who used conventional fuels to cook, emitting smoke equivalent to 400 cigarettes, get free LPG connection, that is Acche Din When the farmers across India struggle to get urea, because of diversion for years, now gets Neem coated urea without any issues, that is called Acche DinWhen 1000s of villages were untouched of electricity for years, starts getting electric power supply that is called Acche DinWhen a government invests crores to develop ports, railways, roads at a, enormously quick rate to connect entire India, that is called Acche dinWhen even the kids in the nation bothers about keeping your country clean via Swach Bharath abhiyan that is called Ache DinWhen for the first time, housing for all is being implemented at the most fastest rate via AMRUT, PMAY, Smart city scheme that is called Ache Din When for the first time, tourist spots are being cleaned up and developed by PRASAD, HRIDAY and Swadesh darshan scheme, that is called Ache Din When sewage t…

Make a phone call and get your bribe back !!!

If you had paid a bribe for availing of any government service in Andhra Pradesh in the recent days, just dial 1100 and report the matter.
Chances are that the corrupt government servant who fleeced you may possibly come knocking on your door to return the amount.
Andhra Pradesh government launched an integrated grievance redressal channel as part of its realtime governance initiative to build a “happy, healthy and sustainable society”.
The channel is called ‘People First’. Under the initiative, citizens can dial 1100 to register complaints about government services and schemes, which will be escalated to the department concerned in realtime for redressal.
Complaints posted on social media platforms and news reports in the mainstream media will also be integrated with People First.
“Our focus in people-centric governance and elimination of corruption. Our goal is a happy, healthy and sustainable society. Corruption causes dissatisfaction among people. We have to root it out,” Chief M…

Corruption, Scandals and Scams lists since 1947 (After Independence): Part I (1947 - 1999)

Corruption is an issue which is constantly holding our country's development back. Transperency International which is a organization recognised internationally ranks coutries based on corruption in the country. In the year 2016, India was ranked 79th out of 168 countries. Although from 2014, the courntry has improved in ranking index from 36 - 40, still we need to go a long way and make it towards 90-100. Current index of 40 terms India as mostly corrupt country.
Constantly over a period of time we have witnessed cases of corruption by our politicians amounting to crores of rupees which should have been put into development of coutry and upliftment of poor and underpriviledged. Instead most of the money went towards the development of politicians, their family and political parties. Some got converted to foreign currencies and are lying with foreign banks. Swiss banks being the ideal choices for most of the politicians.
Since the list is so big, I'm breaking it into 3 parts.…

Students getting swindled and used as a political pawn by the established Political Parties

It all started when a young girl named Gurmehar Kaur(center in the above picture) who is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree from Lady Shri Ram Collge for Women in south Delhi affiliated to Delhi University; started a protest against Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad's violence at Ramjas College and changed her profile picture in social media which stated "I am a student from Delhi University. I am not araid of ABVP. I am not alone. Every student of India is with me. #STUDENTAGAINSTABVP". Soon after sharing the picture it went viral and received thousand of reactions, like and comments and spread widely among the students from other parts of the country who were seen changing the profiles with their respective universities in her support.
On Feb 22, 2017 a scuffle broke out between two groups of so called students association Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), All India Students' Association (AISA) and Student's Federation of India (SFI) at Ramja…