When everyone is aking What is Acche Din ? Where is Acche Din ?

  • When 5 crore rural women who used conventional fuels to cook, emitting smoke equivalent to 400 cigarettes, get free LPG connection, that is Acche Din 
  • When the farmers across India struggle to get urea, because of diversion for years, now gets Neem coated urea without any issues, that is called Acche Din
  • When 1000s of villages were untouched of electricity for years, starts getting electric power supply that is called Acche Din
  • When a government invests crores to develop ports, railways, roads at a, enormously quick rate to connect entire India, that is called Acche din
  • When even the kids in the nation bothers about keeping your country clean via Swach Bharath abhiyan that is called Ache Din
  • When for the first time, housing for all is being implemented at the most fastest rate via AMRUT, PMAY, Smart city scheme that is called Ache Din 
  • When for the first time, tourist spots are being cleaned up and developed by PRASAD, HRIDAY and Swadesh darshan scheme, that is called Ache Din 
  • When sewage treatment plans in and around Ganga River is being developed at the fastest pace since independence that is called Ache Din
  • When the long pending projects of Bharath Mala, Sagar mala and developing 101 waterways across India gets approval and work begins, that is called Acche din
  • When lakhs of families get bank accounts opened for the first time that is called Acche din
  • When subsidies and benefits reaches the bank account directly without any leakage or diversion to the poor for the first time that is called Acche Din
  • When India is progressing to be the youngest nation in the world with youth emerging out of a poor old education system, providing skills to them to empower them via various schemes under NSDC, like SANKALP, STRIVE, UDAAN etc., that is called Ache din
  • When the old education policy of "no detention policy” up to class 10th is going to be scrapped, that is called Ache Din
  • When the government provides free soil checkup of farms and guides farmers on the amount of fertilizers to be used via Soil health cards, Scientist Famer connect etc., that is called Ache Din
  • When Ayurvedic institutes in line with AIIMS is built, that is called Ache din
  • When Student scientist connect and foreign faculty visit to institutions are promoted via JIGYASA, GIAN and VAJRA schemes, that is called Acche Din 
  • When long pending OROP (One rank One pension) is approved and applied, that is called Ache Din
  • When the best insurance and pension schemes at the lowest premium and highest returns like , PM fasal bhima yojana , PM Suraksha bhima yojana , PM jeevan Jyoti yojana , Atal pension yojana are rolled out , thats called Ache Din 
  • When steps are being taken from day one, against black money (SIT, Voluntary disclosure scheme, Income disclosure scheme, MOU with Swiss bank), without fear of losing vote bank, that is called Acche din  
  • When the biggest tax reform of the nation, scrapping all indirect taxes and making single GST instead of that after setting up IT infra through project Saksham that is called Acche din
  • When India's foreign relations are at its all-time best, it’s called Ache din 
  • When entire world media and international bodies, expects India to be a super power within a decade, it is called Ache din

Name any field, the government is working on it. It will take years to clean up the mess which previous governments have made. All steps are in the right direction. Just don’t get mislead by social media. All they know is news of defaming the government on demonetization or GST or surgical strike, not a single scheme comes out in news.

Give the time for the government to work, allow them to work, let’s wait for the outcome.


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