Political instability in India: People VS Power

India - a country, referred as one among the peaceful country in the world is going through real challenge and political instability for the past few months in many states. With series of unfortunate events and hunger to get the Supreme Power, the politicians at top and responsible positions are taking undue advantage and play with people's sentiments.

It's always believed that government is formed by the people, supporting their desired candidates for the next five years but these days the joy just remains for few months after that there are series of news which disturbs the common man and adds to his frustrations to discover himself and think why did I chose these people to form the government when politicians are power hungry and disrespect the mass who supported them.

In the past we have seen that many political leaders and their party have brought the state to a standstill. All this for what, Just to get satisfied with their ego ? What about the people who stood in queue for long hours and cast their vote ? What about the tax payers money which was used by the government to conduct elections ? Who is going to answer these questions ?

Some of the events in the recent past are highlighted below state wise which forces us to think as a common man, Where have we gone wrong in identifying the right person to lead the government ?

  • New Delhi - Back in December 2013 AAP won the assembly elections and formed the Government with the support of Congress in Delhi led by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who after 49 days resigned the office of Chief Minister and dissolved the government. President's rule was imposed to maintain the stability in state for almost an year. In 2015 Election Commission was enforced to conduct fresh elections to form the government in which AAP won majority of 67 seats out of 70 and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was elected again as the Chief Minister of the state and continuing his duty

  • Uttarakhand - After the forced resignation of then CM Mr. Vijay Bhauguna for handling the situation after massive flood, the political crisis in Uttarakhand started when some of the MLA's decided to overthrow the current ruling party (Congress) led by Chief Minister of State Mr. Harish Rawat in March 2016. This incident was one of the kind in Indian politics as usually with such, the CM had the option to prove his support through vote of confidence in the assembly but to his dismay nothing worked well and state which mainly depends on tourism was bleeding as President's rule was imposed twice in 2016 after the intervention from Central Government and Mr. Rawat still holds the post of Chief Minister

  • UttarPradesh - UttarPradesh saw the battle for power within the family last year (2016) with the wave for assembly elections which was scheduled on Feb 2017. Current Samaj Wadi party president and Chief Minister of UttarPradesh Mr. Akhilesh Yadav was stuck in a feud with his mentor father Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav and uncle Shivpal Yadav over the party symbol (Cycle) where Election Commission intervened and granted party national president Mr. Akhilesh Yadav to continue use the party symbol.

  • Arunachal Pradesh - Even one of the most beautiful state with rich natural beauty, Arunachal Pradesh was not spared and tasted the bitterness of politics in 2016 which saw President rule, 3 times change of power with new Chief Minister and current Chief Minister of state Mr. Pema Khandu changing parties 3 times from Congress to People's Party of Arunachal to finally settling with BJP.

  • Gujarat -  Gujarat saw Patel uprising which started the Patidar movement led by Hardik Patel destabilizing the peace in state followed by the Dalit movement which tarnished the BJP government as then Chief Minister of state Ms. Anandiben Patel was accused of handling the situation improperly leading to her resignation from CM's office. Situation was controlled with central government coming to state's dismay and restored peace by electing new Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani

  • Maharashtra - Although nothing major happened in recent times except few unwanted comments by Shiv Sena party chief Mr. Uddhav Thackeray and frequent threat to dissolve the BJP government by withdrawing the support. But the real reason for putting this state in this list is after looking at the candidate placement in the upcoming BMC (BruhanMumbai Municipal Corporation). It's interesting to note that the party who always stood with Hindutva and Son of Soil principles is not fielding its candidates in areas where Congress is assured of getting seat indicating a possible alliance between the two as there is no thought for acceptance of defeat in this case. Also recently it has brought Hardik Patel for campaigning to woo Gujrati votes, the community which has a vast population

  • Tamil Nadu - With the demise of late Chief Minister Ms. J.Jayalalitha the state is under political turmoil with the new Chief Minister Mr. O.Paneerselvam being forced to resign and AIADMK party general secretary Ms. V.K.Sasikala eyeing for the CM post. Both of them has got into an ugly war for the power bestowed as the CM (More detail in my next blog focussing on this issue). There has been news that Sasikala has house arrested all her supporting MLA in a resort in the fear of poaching. (Click here to Read my previous blog to know about Sasikala)

  • Nagaland - The recent one coming from Nagaland where instability is getting developed after the announcement of 33% reservation of women seat in their local body election irking the traditional male dominated society. Nagaland Tribes Action Committee and Joint Coordination Committee have intensified their agitation and have demanded resignation of their current Chief Minister Mr. TR Zeliang. They have also declared indefinite shutdown across the state

With events repeating from all four corners of the country, just wanted to ask a question to myself and to all who readers to came to this point. Is power above the people ?


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