Vote for National Parties, Don't get carried away by the promises of Regional Parties.

With elections already on the woos, Lets try electing a party with a national mission and which has its presence wide spread in entire nation, as the parties based on regional aspirations have preyed on our emotions linked to roots and language and led us away from the dreams of a secular, vibrant and strong India.

 We are reeling from the impact of a global recession which threatens to put on hold the necessities and aspirations of millions is being eaten away by reactionary forces. If a national party is elected with full majority having a mission for nation wide development, then there is a ray of hope for solving the major issues of the country.

     India needs a stable government now all the more as the country needs to get back to the high growth rates it has enjoyed in the recent past and restore confidence in the markets. “Supporting a government with a record of performance and (ensuring) economic progress and voting for stability’’ should be uppermost on our voters’ minds.

The government with the regional parties on the up-front will not prove to stand by the promises made during the campaigns and ultimately will not lead to any development for the nation to prosper. Each party will strive hard to divert the funds to the concerned states' and their own party developments. This will only lead a threat to our secular value.


  1. Sure, India needs a better government. The dark secrets of the Gandhi-Nehru family are slowly coming to light now. It's still unbelievable to see where the current parties are leading India and get some legitimate information about all the individual parties.


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