Rahul Gandhi promises 11,000 Cr for B'lore but targets B.S. Yeddyurappa (Karnataka govt) for fund misuse

    AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi trained his guns on the BJP government in the state accusing it of not utilizing over Rs 1,000 crore of central funds allotted for Bangalore’s development. 

    He expressed his angst at the ‘crumbling’ infrastructure and increasing incidents of moral policing, and suspected the sincerity of the BJP government, while also announcing a huge bonanza for the city if UPA is voted to power. 

    “I am sad to say that the present government is neglecting the city. UPA has tried to help
Bangalore. We have sent huge sums of money to the city. But, more than Rs 1,000 crore lies unused. Public transport is crumbling and pollution is increasing. Money is there, but the government is not doing anything,’’ he said at an election rally on Friday. 
    He narrated how his late father Rajiv Gandhi believed in the potential of
Bangalore. “If we are able to connect our talent to the rest of the world through communication, infrastructure and computers, we can create wonders. If we have to truly tap the potential of the city, we have to create infrastructure. The power of Bangalore will grow if it is connected to Karnataka and the world”, he said. 

    Rahul predicted that
Bangalore would leave behind Silicon Valley in the USA in another 15-20 years. He took the opportunity to woo Bangaloreans by promising to provide Rs 11,000 crore for Bangalore next year. But, he was skeptical about the proper utilization of that money. “I can predict that your government won’t use that money fully. I can predict that a lot of money will disappear. But, still, we will send that money because we believe in the people and spirit of Bangalore,’’ he said. 

    Poking fun at the BJP’s loud-speak about Indian culture and history, he said: “The opposition talks about Indian culture and history, but their activists go and beat up women in
Bangalore. They condone the beating. I have also learnt about Indian culture and I know such acts are definitely not Indian culture.’’


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