Its all about Ads for the poll in Tamil Nadu

Propaganda movies created and shaped their political destiny. For Election 2009 too, the two Dravidian parties will market their poll mes-sage through filmy campaigns and snazzy publicity ads — televised on their own channels. 

    The Sun TV group, the DMK’s media partner, will roll out a set of slick films highlighting the DMK government’s achievements. The text and lyrics of the films have been penned by DMK chief Karunanidhi himself. “The films are about 45 seconds long and 
have a positive tone, projecting the achievements of the UPA and DMK governments” 

    The AIADMK’s media arm, Jaya TV, had decided to air a three-hour televised in-terview with Jayalalithaa. The channel had even invited a few art directors to submit their proposals for the backdrop for the interview, which was to be released as a six-part campaign film. In the 2004 Lok Sabha election, Jayalalithaa’s ad man-agers had chosen a redwood background 
to complement the green saree she was wearing and the vituperative attack she unleashed against her arch rival Karunanidhi. 

This time, however, Jaya TV producers had to shelve the proposal altogether. Delayed by unrelenting allies over seat-sharing talks, Jayalalitha could not make time for the interview. “We now have to make do with footage from the campaign launch and rallies in Chennai at which Amma spoke,”

    The PMK’s Makkal TV is carrying out extensive surveys of the “ground situation” in the 39 constituencies in Tamil Nadu. It is faithfully airing the campaign speeches of Jayalalithaa and PMK leader S Ramadoss. 

    State Congress president KV Thangkabalu’s Mega TV channel is also doing its bit for the Congress. 

    The BJP plans to ‘teaser’ films in movie halls and on television channels. Created by a group of media professionals, the BJP’s ad films subtly highlight the power shortage, fuel scarcity, rising prices of essen
tials and Sri Lankan Tamils’ plight. A company executive waits outside a petrol pump with a ‘no stock’ board. A bullock cart rattles by, but it is carrying half-a dozen people and their bikes and laptops. “Is there a solution for this problem?” he asks. A housewife, who has to rush through her morning chores before the daily power outages, asks, “When will we get re-lief ?” Finally, after a series of such queries, a lotus blooms as an answer on the screen. 

    “We will start showing the ad films in cinema halls, TV channels from next week,” says state BJP leader.


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