Big U - Turn by RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav

The relationship between RJD chief Lalu Prasad and the Congress appears to have further soured with the railway minister now blaming the party for the demolition of the Babri Masjid. 

    “The Babri Masjid was demolished during Congress rule. The Congress did nothing to stop the demolition,” Lalu said at an election meeting at Manigachhi in Darbhanga district on Friday. 

    He did not stop at that. “Jyada bole toh pol khol doonga (I will further expose the Congress if it continues to make baseless charges against me),” he said. Describing BJP leader L K Advani as the main culprit, he said the Congress was equally responsible for the masjid’s demolition. 

    Projecting himself as the ‘real secular’, Lalu recalled that it was he who got Advani arrested in Bihar. “The BJP is the Bharat Jalao Party and wants to break the country. As Bihar CM, I arrested Advani and saved the country. Only if the country survives will anyone become PM and MP,” he said. 

    Bihar Congressmen are 
livid. “Laluji has lost his mental balance. The Congress helped his party form the government in Bihar to check communal forces. Now he is trying to revive the Ayodhya issue because Muslim voters are coming back to the Congress fold,” AICC member Kaukab Quadri said, claiming Congress candidates received a major chunk of minority votes in the 13 state constituencies which went to polls in the first phase. 

    Even the JD(U) accused Lalu of being ‘communal’. “Lalu has been with the same Congress for around a decade which he is blaming for the Ayodhya demolition,’’ said JD(U) spokesman Shivanand Tiwary and asked how Lalu could claim to be secular after hobnobbing with the Congress—the Ayodhya culprit.


  1. Vignesh...looks like the election fever has caught on you and I can start following your blog to know whats up there man:-)

    Thanks for posting this. You should've majored in Political Science...what are you doing in front of the monitor cracking code.

  2. Na....... not really, bt generated interest in politics off late....


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