Soaring Prices of Food.

Unseasonal rains and the recent hike in petrol and diesel rates have affected the prices of vegetables and pulses as well.
However, wholesale vegetable traders at the APMC market in Vashi say that the food prices are increasing unreasonably in the retail sector while there is only a marginal increase in wholesale rates.

In the grains and pulses market, though, there is a remarkable increase in the wholesale rates of various types of dals, chillies, rice and wheat.
The prices of onions may also increase in the next month-anda-half. “Delayed rains are leading to a shortage in the supply of onions and potatoes. The wholesale prices of onions may actually rise to Rs 20 per kg if the shortage continues.
The government’s move to hike the fuel prices has also led to an increase in the prices of vegetables as the cost of transportation rises.

Satyawan Waghmare, a trader in the vegetable market, said, “As the monsoon is not yet in full swing in some parts of Maharashtra, it will affect the sowing season. Right now, we are facing a shortage in supply, and if the monsoon is bad, the prices may rise further.’’

But as can be seen in the rate-box below, the vegetable rates have not really ballooned in the wholesale sector. “The retailers, on the other hand, have their own reasons for charging higher on account of the high-fuel rates and other factors,’’ said a trader at Vashi.

The popular Tur Dal in the grains and pulses market has increased to Rs 85 per kg as compared to just Rs 56 per kg exactly a month ago.

Urad dal has also increased to Rs 53 per kg from Rs 39 per kg in May; rajma (beans) costs Rs 68 per kg in the wholesale market as compared to Rs 42 last month.
Wheat rate has also gone up to Rs 14.25 per kg from Rs 12 per kg last month, while fine rice costs Rs 36 per kg, instead of only Rs 27 per kg in 2008.


  1. Wow man this is scary! I heard about it yesterday. What will everybody to afford these soaring prices??!

  2. Woah this is a scary scene indeed! It's quite alarming upon reading amar singh's blog post, the farming community has enough reason to worry about....

  3. and what do you know it repeated itself in 2010 and continues in 2011

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